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Global Response

Acts of Mercy International is dedicated to serving people and communities around the world in times of crisis and need.  We are committed to both timely disaster relief and long-term development.  We have worked in shelter, counseling/mental health, emergency medical clinics, placement of specialists and education.  Following a crisis, we seek to partner with the local community and other NGOs to address immediate and long-term needs holistically.


Relief & Development

The assistance Acts of Mercy offers aims to develop sustainability in the communities we visit. In the immediate aftermath of a war or disaster there is significant need and usually limited local capacity to cope. In this emergency phase outside food, water, shelter and medical aid are often essential for people to survive.

However, as time goes by, it is most beneficial to help the local people develop their own infrastructure and capacity rather than leaving them dependent on outside help. The support offered transitions from emergency relief to empowering and supporting local initiatives aimed at holistically rebuilding and developing the community.

The psychological impact of disaster is often just as devestating as the physical damage. Psychological and emotional health is essential for both personal and community recovery. Acts of Mercy Relief & Development emphasises the necessity of psycho-social support in all our work, seeking to restore and renew people’s minds and emotions so they can be active agents in bringing restoration to their whole community.

In all our international work Acts of Mercy seeks to be:

  • Inclusive: seeking to involve the community at every stage of the process
  • Capacity building: focusing on identifying and developing internal resources as opposed to sustaining dependency on outside intervention
  • Empowering: aiming to recognize and develop leadership and enterprise within the community

Recent Projects

Acts of Mercy began as a response to the Indian Ocean tsunami. Since then we have responded to natural disasters and conflicts around the world.

Libya Post Conflict Mental Health

Japan Delivery of Supplies to communities impacted by tsunami 

Haiti  Medical and Shelter Relief – Long term development


Find out more

If you are interested in future international opportunities with Acts of Mercy Relief and Development please contact

To make a donation or for other ways to support our work look at the How to Help page.

BackgroundLibya                                                                                       How to Help